Forms & Publications - Building Department


 Building Department

pdf small Ag Exempt Requirements 28.21 Kb

pdf smallAlternate Braced Panel Detail 80.36 Kb

pdf smallAlternate Materials & Methods form

pdf small Authorization Statement-Contractors 54.60 Kb

pdf small Authorization Statement-Owners 52.04 Kb

pdf small Building Permit Application

pdf smallBuilding Permit Procedure 40.58 Kb

pdf small Certified Special Inspectors Listing 14.78 Kb

pdf small Complaint Form 14.63 Kb

pdf small Construction Utility Service Form 30.71 Kb

pdf small Demolition Permit Declaration 30.59 Kb

pdf small Designer List

  • Development Impact Fees Ordinance
  • pdf small Engineer List

    pdf small Fire Flow-Sprinkler Requirements for new construction 96.75 Kb

    pdf small Flood Elevation Certificate 229.17 Kb

    pdf small Flood Hazard Code 81.57 Kb

    pdf small HVAC Application

    pdf small HVAC Zone 16 (Mineral) Application

    pdf smallFraming Detail 27.67 Kb

    pdf small Information Request Form - Assessor

    pdf smallInspection Request Instructions

    pdf small Inspection Policy

    pdf small Landing Detail 16.87 Kb

    pdf small Ord 2030 Clarification of Effective Date of Impact Fees

    pdf small Manufactured Home Permit Application

    pdf small Manufactured homes located in the wild land-urban interface 485.43 Kb

    pdf smallManufactured Home Supports 67.53 Kb  

    pdf small Manufactured Home WUI requirements

    pdf small Marijuana Cultivation Structure Info

    pdf small Materials and Construction methods for exterior wildfire exposure 266.43 Kb

    pdf small Mobile Home Soft Set Packet  Bytes

    pdf small Mobile Home (Permanent Foundation) - Permit packet Bytes

    pdf small Mobile Home Floodproofing 20.00 Kb

    pdf small Owner Builder Verification Form 38.00 Kb 

    pdf small  Permit Fee Worksheet - Residential

    pdf small Permit Fee Worksheets - Additions

    pdf small Permit Fee Worksheets - Mobile Homes

    pdf small Permit Fee Worksheets - Shop/Shed/Barn/Garage

    pdf small PEX Notice New Regulation 27.37 Kb

    pdf small Plot Plan Requirements 2.30 Mb

    pdf small Pool Safety Requirements 46.86 Kb

    pdf small Re-roof Application - Residential

    pdf small Re-Roof Supplemental Form - Commercial

    pdf small Ramp Requirements 671.84 Kb

    pdf small Re-inspection Fee Policy

    pdf small Residential Development Requirements - 2020

    pdf small School Directions

    pdf small Significant Changes to 2019 Code

    pdf small Skirting Requirements 76.48 Kb

    pdf small Slope Setback 79.12 Kb

    pdf small Special Inspection Packet 53.59 Kb

    pdf small Tax Clearance Form 2.50 Mb

    pdf small Title 24 Lighting Design 18.19 Kb

    pdf small Unusual Shape Buildings 138.49 Kb

    pdf small Wet Floodproofing 29.09 Kb

    pdf small Wildland Urban Interface 81.02 Kb