Tax Collector - View/Pay Taxes



Our parcel numbers are 12 characters long, do not include the dashes when entering your number.  

 Mobile Homes on the current roll will now be included with the land parcel.  Current unsecured, prior year delinquent unsecured and prior year mobile home taxes are not listed on our website.  If no records match your search criteria, call our office at (530) 527-4535 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please be advised that the credit card processor charges a convenience fee of 2.38% to pay by credit or debit card .  This fee is not charged by Tehama County. There is no fee to pay by ACH/EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer - entering routing number and account number from check). To pay by telephone, call 1-888-950-1199.  

Tax payments made by credit card or EFT will be processed as of the transaction date of the payment. The website may not reflect that your payment was made for up to 7 days.