Tehama County Fish and Game Commission


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Established at 2/24/98 Board of Supervisors meeting (see Resolution No. 24-1998) Composed of seven members to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors, with one member representing each of the five supervisorial districts, by nomination from that district's supervisor. The member is not required to reside within the nominating Supervisor's, but must reside within Tehama County. Two members shall be appointed from the County "at large" to ensure full interest and expertise within the diverse areas of management of California's Department of Fish and Game.

Three-year staggered terms. Qualifications: Interest and/or knowledge in Tehama County's diverse fish, wildlife and plant resources and the habitats upon which they depend, the ecological values of these resources and their use and enjoyment by the public; the wisest and best use in the disbursement of Tehama County's fish and wildlife propagation funds to promote and advance fish and wildlife management within the County.

Name Position Date of Original Appt Current Term Expires

          Phil Warner          


District 4

representative Chairman    


7/14/2015 4/15/2018
   Steve Joiner   

District 3


6/28/2016 4/15/2019
Les Wolfe

District 2

representative - Secretary

6/17/2008 4/15/2019
vacant District 1 representative   7/19/2016 4/15/2019
Ben Myhre

District 5


5/15/2012 4/15/2019
Lee Morgan  Public at-large representative 6/201/17 4/15/2018
Dan Forster Public at-large representative 7/25/2017 4/15/2018