Animal Services - Ordinances

Below is a list of ordinances that help answer common questions.  If you do not see an answer to your question please contact our office during office hours.

  • 7.08.010 Dog License Required

    No person shall own or keep any dog over four months of age within the unincorporated area of the county unless such dog is licensed pursuant to this chapter.

  • 7.08.030 Vaccination Requirement For License

    The director shall not issue any dog license under this chapter without presentation of a certificate of vaccination signed by a veterinarian.

  • 7.25.050 Dogs Running At Large

    No person shall permit a dog to run at large from private property owned by the owner of such dog, or from private property to which said owner has a right of possession. See exceptions.

  • 7.25.060 Livestock At Large

    No person shall willfully or knowingly permit or through failure to exercise due care or control allow any livestock to stray from private property. The owner of any livestock found in violation of this section will be responsible for costs involved in securing livestock. See exceptions.

  • 7.25.080

    Dogs entering property without consent of property owner or person in control, whereon sheep or other livestock are kept is prohibited.

  • 7.20.040 Expiration And Renewal Of License

    Kennel licenses are annual and will expire on the last day of December next following its date of issue.

  • 7.08.130 Dog Ownership

    No person shall own or keep more than five dogs over the age of four months on any lot or premises as a private dog owner. This shall require either a commercial or hobby kennel or working dog license.